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Rediscovering Our Forgotten Landscape

The Landscape of Wisconsin and the upper Midwest has in the last two centuries undergone a dramatic change. Hardward forests, oak savannas, prairie, and pristine shoreline as intact ecological communities are now mostly a memory. Surviving here and there, remnants of these communities still remain. They are the result of millenia of evolution of plants, insects, birds and mammals on a vast geologic scale. To those with the ability to see, they represent a sense of order and relationship, one part to the next, that is astounding. These images are glimpses at a forgotten world. They hopefully invite entry into a meditative inner landscape as well. Here we may remember that we are part of this landscape and it is part of us.



Print Quality

Our color photographs employ a separate set of pigmented inks. We print on the finest 100% rag paper. With proper archival mounting and conservation glass, their display life is rated at an average of at least 100 years. Each print is crafted in our studio to a quality level that is unsurpassed and insures that your purchase is one of a long-term collectable work of art.

Purchasing Information

Prints are available framed, unframed, or matted only. Please call or e-mail us for additional information on pricing, or to place an order. Contact information is available on our Contact page.