Holy Wisdom Monastery Photography Show

A selection of Terrill's photography will be on exhibit at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton, WI. The show opened April 29th and will run through the end of June, 2023. The Monastery gallery is open for public viewing daily from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Over 20 images are in the show. Below are two of several new images being featured. To see more of his photography portfolio, click on the 'Photographs" tab on this website.


Terrill's artist statement for this show is as follows:

The selection of images for this exhibit is of two types; photographs inspired by taking a loving look at the beauty of a flower or landscape. The result of affection that grows from the awareness of how light reveals the object of one’s attention. They are a revelation of the subject itself and the joy experienced while being in nature. They are the result of normal photographic practice. For example; the wonderful excitement of taking the camera out to discover images on a morning when the prairie blooms in summer.

The second images are recognitions; not of discovering a subject, but of being discovered by the subject. There is a palpable experience of the image finding the photographer. Photographers who have had this experience seldom forget the details of the event. Enough have had this experience that they can describe it to others. Sometimes, the effect of such an experience lasts long after the exposure is made. With resonance established, the subject dictates its own composition. The challenge of making the photograph lies not so much in directing the process as removing extraneous parts of oneself from the process. Many fall short because of not getting themselves out of the way. Several of such images in this show are those that I am attempting to share. They are mysteries that can be experienced not puzzles to be solved. I hope some will be meaningful.

Holy Wisdom Monastery is an ecumenical Benedictine community which celebrates the earth and nature as a spiritual resource. The monastery property includes prairie, savannah, woods and a small lake. It provides educational programs that embrace the arts, science and spirituality. Their 130-acre property provides an excellent demonstration of ecological restoration. Holy Wisdom Monastery is located in Middleton, WI. To learn more about the Monastery, check out their  website at:  https://holywisdommonastery.org

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